Top 14 Concrete Companies in USA & Worldwide in 2023

Concrete Companies in USA & Worldwide 2022

Today, we are going to take a look at concrete companies in USA & Worldwide 2023. Professionals from the construction, concrete, and masonry industries, as well as original equipment manufacturers from around the globe, play an active role in the concrete industry. 

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Basics of Concrete Market 

Concrete has been used by civilizations since around 6500 B.C. While concrete and cement are often used interchangeably, they describe different products. As part of concrete, cement is combined with water, binds the aggregates into place. Construction projects ranging from infrastructure to smaller projects like foundations can be built using concrete, a common building material. As a composite material, concrete is composed of fine and coarse aggregates and a fluid cement paste, which hardens over time.

Most concrete in the United States is manufactured by companies headquartered abroad, usually with branches and plants in the country. Concrete mixes can be provided as pre-mixes (also referred to as ready mix or ready mixed concrete) or as basic ingredients that are mixed by the buyer company. Concrete companies in the United States, however, provide products made of concrete, such as bollards, bricks, concrete pipes, structural products, and concrete installation services.

In the forecast period between 2021 and 2028, the market size is expected to increase by 8.42% in the forecast period between 2021 and 2028, from USD 427169.37 million to USD 752141.84 million.

Concrete Companies in USA & Worldwide 2022
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American Concrete Companies

In this section, you will find a list of United States concrete companies. A descending list of companies is based on their size. In addition, it provides information about the company’s annual sales, foundation year, and headquarters. Sales volumes are expressed in US dollars.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sale
R. W. Sidley, Inc.Painesville, OH1933201-500--
The Don Chapin Company, Inc.Hollister, CA1978201-500--
Norwalk Concrete IndustriesNorwalk, OH190651-200$21.9 million
Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc.Denison, IA
191351-100$7 million
Leesburg Concrete Co.Leesburg, FL198311-50$5-25 million
Livingston’s Concrete ServiceRancho Cordova, CA194611-50$3.9 million
JE Tomes & Associates
Blue Island, IL198811-50<$5 million

R. W. Sidley

  1. W. Sidley manufactures turnkey precast concrete for structural and architectural applications, as well as concrete pavers and colored admixtures for decorative concrete. From its headquarters in Painesville, OH, the company also offers a wide range of construction products.

Don Chapin Co.

Located in Hollister, California, Don Chapin Co. provides both concrete products and installation. Among their products are ready-mix and precast concrete, as well as tanks, barriers, grates, and retaining walls. They also offer bags of sand and aggregates.

Norwalk Concrete Industries

Norwalk Concrete Industries, located in Norwalk, OH, provides building, storm and sanitary, wastewater, and water, utility structures, wall blocks, lagging panels, and precast buildings, walls, and special precast concrete products. Additionally, they design and install commercial pump stations and treatment plants.

Petersen Mfg Company

The Petersen Mfg Company is located in Denison, IA. Precast concrete security barriers and walls are among the company’s offerings, along with bike racks, planters, drinking fountains, benches, receptacles, mailboxes, tables, grates, and specialty products.

Leesburg Concrete Company

The Leesburg Concrete Company, based in Leesburg, Florida, manufactures a variety of precast concrete products, including buildings, wall panels, structural products, stairs, ramps, decks, and custom products.  They provide turnkey services such as the design and installation of ramps, rails, and steps, as well as the delivery and relocation of these elements.

Livingston’s Concrete Service

Livingston’s Concrete Service provides ready mixed concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, colored concrete, concrete plasticizer, protective films, and curing aids. The company provides services to government, utilities, residential, and commercial. The company is headquartered in Highlands, California.

JE Tomes & Associates

Blue Island-based JE Tomes & Associates specializes in concrete restoration and repair products, including corrosion-resistant, construction grade, and colored concrete. Additionally, they offer concrete enhancers, repair materials, resurfacing materials, and bonding and coating materials.

Global Concrete Suppliers

This table summarizes the top global concrete companies based on their size. There is also information in the table about the country of headquarters, the year of founding, and the revenue of each company.

Company nameHeadquartersYear foundedNumber of employeesAnnual sale
HolcimSwitzerland191267000+27.6 billion
ColasFrance192255000+$6.7 billion
Heidelberg CementGermany187455000$21.21 billion
CemexMexico190641000+$13 billion
CRH (Oldcastle)Ireland197018000$27.6 billion
Martin Marietta Materials, Inc.North Carolina, United States19938700+$4.7 billion
Vulcan Materials CompanyAlabama, United States19098300+$4.9 billion


LafargeHolcim is a leading company in the field of building materials and solutions and consists of four segments: cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete, and solutions and products. Achieving low-carbon construction and reducing carbon emissions are among the Company’s ambitions. It is one of the world’s largest concrete manufacturers.


Among the products that Colas’ subsidiaries provide are ready mix concrete, aggregates, emulsions, sand and borrow, fibermat, crumb rubber mix, and various types of asphalt and asphalt products.


HeidelbergCement provides ready mix concrete for residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. They offer a range of commercial and infrastructure concrete types such as flowable fill, pervious, overlay, lightweight, abrasion-resistant, low shrinkage, and polishable concrete.


A construction materials company based in San Pedro, near Monterrey, Mexico, Cemex manufactures cement, aggregates, and ready-made concrete. With 56 cement plants and an annual capacity of 87 million tonnes, it has a presence across more than 50 countries and territories around the world.

CRH (Oldcastle)

Concrete mixtures, aggregates, cement, and cementitious products, as well as asphalt, are produced by CRH (Oldcastle). As part of their concrete offerings, they offer standard concrete, porous concrete, flowable fill concrete, colored concrete, and concrete reinforced with steel, poly, and plastic fibers.

Martin Marietta

A wide range of products is available from Martin Marietta, such as ready mixed concrete, cement, magnesia, cement treated materials, aggregates, chemicals, lime, and asphalt. 

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