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Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd.

About Company:

Founded in 2008, Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the global leading suppliers, focusing on R&D and manufacturing multi gas analyzers for continuous emission monitoring, process & safety control, online water monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring. We have adopted the world`s most advanced technologies, including UV DOAS, TDLAS, FTIR, GC-FID etc., which make our devices highly accurate and reliable even under harsh conditions. With the value of customer orientation, Zetian devotes to provide multiple and competitive solutions, including but not limited to analyzers, analysis modules/parts, and total solution for process, CEMS, AQMS and polluted water. Both OEM and ODM are available. Currently we are looking for certificated distributors and OEM clients throughout the world.
  1. Air Quality Monitoring System

  2. Continuous Emission Monitoring System

  3. Flue Gas Measurements, Process Measurements

  4. Sampling Probe, Spare parts & module

  5. Dust monitor, Water Measurements