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Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS)

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About Company:

Safe Training Systems Ltd ( STS) specializes in scientific instrument design, development and manufacture. We have a wide range of skills - our products have involved detection systems using gas sensors, microwaves, diode arrays and also GPS, which we have combined with optical and mechanical design to produce unique products. We work in chemistry, fluorescence and ionizing radiation, so can both develop products and understand in detail the customer`s projects. Our first line of products was designed to aid training of staff in monitoring ionising radiation - so that staff could learn monitoring skills without exposure to hazardous situations. These products use either a safe liquid and gas sensor combination to simulate surface contamination, or microwaves to simulate radiation fields.
  1. Simulated Radiation Training Meters

  2. Siloxane Monitoring

  3. SMF4 Field Portable Fluorimeter

  4. Commercialisation Service

  5. Fine Wire Assemblies