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BioMicrobics, Inc.

Better Water. Better World.®

About Company:

Global manufacturer of integrated water solutions, BioMicrobics is a leader of advanced wastewater, water, greywater & stormwater treatment systems. Adopting new “integrated water management” technologies and innovations will rethink our relationship with water and how we can better manage it. Nothing is more fundamental to sustainability than maintaining a healthy water supply for the property. These “Award-winning for innovation” quality products and proven performance solutions are certified and verified for BETTER sustainable water management. BioMicrobics solutions are pre-engineered, pre-packaged, and scalable to efficiently lower the cost of pretreatment, waste management and better onsite sanitation from 150 GPD to 2,000,000 GPD flows.
  1. Residential Wastewater Solutions, Community Wastewater Solutions, Commercial Wastewater Solutions

  2. Water Solutions

  3. Marine Solutions

  4. Stormwater Solutions

  5. Greywater Solutions