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Greenshine New Energy LLC

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Greenshine solar light systems are widely used to increase efficiency in lighting systems for main roads, avenues, main city streets, highways and other constructs that require a high amount of lighting at night. Greenshine’s solar street lights use premium LED light fixtures as lighting sources producing an excellent and steady source of light while reducing electrical needs. LED lighting is proven scientifically to be more illuminating than the standard HPS lamp and also has the added effect of dividing the light evenly within an area. Greenshine has more than ten years of expertise in creating solar powered lighting systems. Our consultants will walk you through the whole process of determining which configuration and products is just right for your individual project needs. Greenshine New Energy creates solar lighting systems that is in accordance with the Buy American Act and is assembled in our location in Irvine, CA.
  1. Commercial Solar LED Street Lighting, Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lighting, Commercial Solar LED Pathway & Walkway Lighting

  2. Commercial Solar LED Security & Perimeter Lighting

  3. Commercial Solar LED Sign Lighting

  4. Commercial Solar Retrofit Lighting, Canopy, Mailbox, & Bus Stop Solar Lighting

  5. Temporary & Portable Solar Lighting