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CID Bio-Science, Inc.

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CID Bio-Science, Inc., has been designing instruments for agricultural and environmental research for over 25 years. Our company was established in 1989 with the introduction of our state-of-the-art handheld photosynthesis system. Since then we have expanded to develop 13 instruments to measure plant function, continuously employing new innovations and technologies. Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, CID instruments are represented by distributors in 44 countries. We are engineers, scientists, assemblers, machinists, technicians, and business people who have dedicated our careers to building better tools for plant physiology research. In the field or in the lab, CID`s portable instruments put the best data into the hands of plant researchers around the world. We specialize in creating light, compact instruments that are fully functional on-site, providing data on demand with no need for lab analysis.
  1. Leaf Area Measurement & LAI

  2. Leaf Spectroscopy

  3. Photosynthesis Measurement

  4. Postharvest Tools

  5. Root Measurement with Minirhizotrons