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Enerpat Group UK Ltd

Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom

About Company:

Enerpat Group is a global company in the scrap processing and recycling machinery industry with a vast product range of waste shredders,metal balers, recycling plant, vertical balers, Horizontal balers alligator shears and other waste machines. Enerpat manufactures balers and shredders for the waste recycling industry. UK famous brand originally known as Enerpat Balers has over 78 years experience supplying both the Europe, Australia, Russia, and Asia, markets. Today our main focus is manufacturing high performance waste recycling equipment vertical balers, cardbaord balers, textile balers, metal balers, alligator shears, drum crushers, metal shredders etc. At extremely competitive prices across China, Australia and mainland Russia through our dedicated distribution network. To ensure our customers receive guaranteed personal support in all aspects of our service, before and after the sale!
  1. Waste dispose and recycling machines

  2. Recycling Plants for E-Waste,Scrap Cars,Waste Tire,And Municipal Solid Waste

  3. Collecting, Buying, Selling scraps like: metals, tire, plastic, cardboard/paper, cars etc.