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Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States[email protected]+15703272802

About Company:

Pennram Diversified Manufacturing Corporation, with plants located in Williamsport and Montgomery, Pennsylvania in the U.S.A., is noted for its superb design and quality manufacture of solid waste incinerator systems. Pennram manufactures incinerators for waste streams resulting from medical, industrial, airport, oil field, construction camp, and municipal operations. Pennram also specializes in incinerators for environmentally friendly disposal of hydrocarbon based liquid wastes, contaminated water, cooking oils, motor oils, and other liquid wastes. Pennram`s past success with satisfied customers is our best sales tool. Industrial and commercial incinerator customers from around the world are using Pennram systems with different applications and in varying environments.
  1. Incinerators, Fire Rings

  2. Animal Crematory

  3. Air Pollution Control

  4. Skids & Containers

  5. Waste Feed Options