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ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

Air Pollution Control, Odour Control and Industrial Gas Cleaning

About Company:

ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems with a successful 30+ year history. We provide turn-key systems to give the best technical solution for the lowest capital and running costs. We have installed over 600 systems globally. To help you comply with emission regulations, we can draw on an unrivalled range of solutions. Included in our range are packed towers, CIF’s, biofilters, bioscrubbers, venturi and vortex scrubbers. Our solutions cover both wet and dry scrubbing systems along with the Odorgard catalyst enhanced system. Draw on our expertise not only for odour control systems but also soluble contamination capture and recovery and hazardous flue gas cleaning systems. In addition, our V-tex vortex scrubbing, stripping and condensing technology gives us an added dimension for particulate removal and VOC contamination. The V-tex also provides a solution for tar removal from biogas from wood and waste gasification.
  1. Odour control systems, Air pollution control systems, Industrial gas cleaning

  2. V-tex® scrubbing, stripping and condensing technology, Soluble contamination capture and recovery, Particulate removal systems

  3. Hazardous waste flue gas cleaning systems, VOC contamination abatement

  4. Thermal oxidation systems, Thermal fluid heaters

  5. Toxic waste destruction systems, Maintenance of odour control and industrial APC equipment