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UKRAINIAN SYSTEM SOLAR LLC – a Ukrainian company headquartered in Kyiv city. Since its foundation in 2011, the company has solely focused on the alternative energy projects, in particular, solar power plants construction both for industrial purposes and private households. The first completed projects were related to the ground PV plants construction. Within the past seven years, the company has successfully implemented more than 40 such projects of a total installed capacity over 70 MW. Eventually, the company’s engineers developed the hardware and software solutions that enabled us to introduce the unique for Ukraine sun tracking systems – solar trackers. Currently, the company is a developer and manufacturer of a full range of single- and double-axis solar trackers of 5 - 140 kW installed capacity. To date, there are more than four hundred trackers of about 4.3 MW total installed capacity manufactured by our company in the commercial use. In addition, the company uses its engineering staff potential in such promising areas as the development of energy storage systems.
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