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Solar Energy Systems

About Company:

Karsu Energy was established in 1977 by Surmeli EMLİK. Karsu Energy is now an important company in its sector with its new breakthroughs in its professional life and sector. Today with over 35 years of experience Karsu Energy seamless service concept with all technological systems and bring the experience of the past with dealers spread to Turkey has adopted the principle itself. Karsu aims to provide long-lasting and high-quality service to its customers with the techniques used in production and marketing. It makes fast and rational determinations in terms of following today technology and tries to expand its product range in the most efficient way possible. Apartment buildings, single-family houses, industrial areas, plazas, hotels and many living spaces in the production and marketing systems developed so far. Karsu Energy has a successful work structure.
  1. Boilers

  2. Pressure Systems

  3. Vaccum Tube Systems, Evacuated Solar Tubes

  4. Collectors

  5. Solar Pv Module