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Low-Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Solutions

About Company:

Our company focuses on Engineer Sales Consultant and Business development in the area of renewable energy and Sustainable Solutions. We engage with manufacturers parallel with providing a unique platform to identify a products-markets fit for industrial and commercial sectors. Our comprehensive understanding of the clean energy industry gives us the competitive advantage to access a broad range of manufacturing engineered products, besides unlocking the potential for new commercial opportunities regarding new markets to serve or new technologies to put forward. As a business development and service provider, we have the know-how, the ability, and the ambition to be part of our customer’s value chain; we meet requirements by engaging in the processes before, during and after to tie-up specific needs while selecting energy solutions.
  1. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Energy Storage

  2. Electric Vehicle, Biomass, Energry Efficiency

  3. Sustainable Solutions, Hydro Power, Renewable Energy Technologies

  4. Sustainable Project Financing, Sales Engineer, Business Development, Hydrogen

  5. Charging Station Infrastructure, E-mobility, and Smart Grid