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Participants that attend our one day workshop will gain a thorough understanding of basic energy concepts, namely; three energy groups, basic forms of energy, laws of thermodynamics, units of energy, power and efficiency, laws of conservation of energy, heat transfer methods (radiation, convection, conduction), renewable and non-renewable energy, British thermal units (Btu’s), difference between latent and sensible heat, factors that determine personal comfort, building science basics, payback, rate of return, and savings-to-investment ratio. The energy auditor’s efficiency improvement toolkit has been professionally assembled by an Energy Efficiency Specialist and Sustainability Consultant (MBA in Sustainability). The complete Toolkit comes professionally packaged in a sturdy aluminum padded lockable case with sturdy handle, folder pockets and sponge compartments.
  1. Sustainability Consulting Services, Energy Efficiency Training

  2. Industrial Energy Treasure Hunts

  3. Dirty Electricity Testing, EMF Electromagnetic Field Testing

  4. ENERG STAR Service Provider

  5. Radon Gas Testing & Mitigation