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Earth-Coupled LOOP ECL gle design installation correction (as with Baldwin Wallace College and Ravenna City High School and Huntsberg, Ohio school, and all related Thermal Exchange ans Source and Heat Sink systems as follows: Flow Center Systems, Pumps, Refrigeration and Heat Pump and GeoThermal specialties since 1980. Showed 186ft/vertical standard grout per COMPRESSOR-Ton or 200ft/COMPRESSOR-in-unit-label-Ton with deSuperheaters (HW little generators, not On-Demand), and 100-150ft more with On-Demand heat-Recovery 100% Instant Hot Water heating or pool heating, etc published since 2003, emphasized since 2005 in NEOhio for smaller equipment and same heat outputs: Cost Effectiveness HVAC since 1976. Industrial-Residential, all. Heat-Exchangers, Systems, Carrier (Climate-M), Hydro-Temp Corp, AR (not hydro-delta,-heat), Nordic GT, and many others; and work on all refrigeration/heat-pump systems.
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