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Amtech Systems, Inc.

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Amtech Systems was incorporated in October 1981 under the name Quartz Engineering and Materials, Inc., and had its initial public offering listed on NASDAQ in August 1983. In 1984 Amtech acquired ATMOSCAN® patent from Intel, leading to development of its worldwide marketing channel and leading-edge semiconductor fabricators as customers. In 1992 the Company developed and sold its first IBAL Automation product and in 1994 started its European operations with the founding of Tempress Systems, known for its quality diffusion furnaces.Amtech acquired PR Hoffman in 1997, an industry leader in double-sided lapping and polishing machines, carriers and waxless mount templates for single-side polishing of semiconductor silicon wafers. In 2004, Amtech acquired Bruce Technologies, a manufacturer of horizontal diffusion furnaces and for the semiconductor industry.
  1. Lapping & Polishing

  2. Diffusion Furnace

  3. Thermal Processing

  4. Semiconductor

  5. Silicon Carbide / LED