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K2 Systems GmbH

Mounting systems for solar technology

About Company:

Since 2004, K2 Systems has developed pioneering and highly functional mounting system solutions for photovoltaic assemblies around the world. We design the systems in our own development department in close collaboration with sales, and adapt and optimize them to the ever changing market. Here we benefit from years of experience, personal client relationships, and knowledge of the different international specifications. A particularly important contributor to our success is the team of 117 employees, whose great effort and creativity helps advance the worldwide development of renewable energies. Innovative module systems paired with the team`s sense of mutual appreciation and fun make the K2 Systems Group into a competent and likeable partner. In a nutshell: As roof-mounting specialists, we offer effective and economical solutions for roofs all around the world and provide professional, fast, reliable support for our customers in the solar industry.
  1. Mounting systems for solar technology

  2. Flat roof systems

  3. Pitched roof systems

  4. Ground mounted systems

  5. Photovoltaics, PV, and solar power