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Optony Inc

A Global Leader in Clean Energy Project Services

Santa Clara, California, United States
https://www.optonyusa.com/[email protected]+14085679216

About Company:

Optony Inc. is a global research and consulting services firm focused on enabling government and commercial organizations to bridge the gap between solar energy goals and real-world results. Optony's core services offer a systematic approach to planning, implementing, and managing commercial and utility-grade solar power systems, while simultaneously navigating the dramatic and rapid changes in the solar industry - from emerging technologies and system designs to government incentives and private/public financing options. Leveraging our independence, domain expertise and unique market position, our clients are empowered to make informed decisions that reduce risk, optimize operations, and deliver the greatest long-term return on their solar investments.
  1. Solar Strategy

  2. Feasibility Assessment, System Optimization

  3. Procurement Management

  4. Project Commissioning

  5. Independent Engineering Review