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Nishant Bioenergy P Ltd

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SINCE 1999, NISHANT BIOENERGY IS INDIA’s PIONEER COMPANY IN PROCESSING OF BIOMASS IN TO FUEL & PELLET FUELLED COOK STOVES . Nishant Bioenergy has come up with revolutionary new concepts for carbon neutral biomass pellet fuelled institutional cook stove “EARTH STOVE ES4D AF” as well as very innovative “BIOMASS FUEL PELLET MAKING TECHNOLOGY” Both these technologies are indigenously built by Nishant Bioenergy which replaces CO2 emitting LPG/Diesel stoves in institutional kitchens like Restaurants/Hostel Mess/Company Canteens/Marriage Halls/Base Kitchens/ Namkeen Manufacturers/Sweet Shops/Religious Kitchens etc. This solution offers around 35% savings in fuel cost. Nishant Bioenergy is OFFERING DISTRICT LEVEL FRANCHISEE to manufacturing pellets and selling to exclusive pellet stove users.
  1. Biomass Fuel Pellet Plant

  2. EARTH STOVE (Institutional Improved Cook Stove)

  3. Nishan Pellet Burner