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Westcar S.r.l


About Company:

WESTCAR began manufacturing and marketing their own line of fluid and flexible couplings in 1978. Since then, WESTCAR has continually improved product quality and manufacturing techniques in order to expand the range of products to meet market demands in national and international markets. Our rapid response to customer’s needs and focus on excellent customer service have helped fuel our business development and capabilities to compete globally. Today, our products are sold on five continents in over 30 countries supported by a network of local dealers, who assure the customer quick delivery times and support service. Administration and sale offices are located in Milan, Italy, while the manufacturing facility and warehouse are strategically located near to Malpensa Airport (Milan) for rapid delivery worldwide.
  1. Fluid Couplings

  2. Alignment Couplings

  3. Brakes and Transmissions

  4. Braking and Starting Systems

  5. Esco couplings