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Clique Solar

Pioneers in Off-grid Solar Thermal Solutions

About Company:

Clique Solar is India's first solar boiler company. The Company is a pioneer in developing solar thermal technology for industrial process heating and solar cooling applications. It’s patented ARUN concentrated solar thermal dish is India’s only patented solar boiler technology and is a result of ground-breaking research in the domain of CST and thorough testing of over a decade. Clique Solar caters to all solar thermal requirements, starting from low temperature applications like hot water for households to delivering high pressure superheated steam required in thermal power plants. The technology has been developed keeping the 4 key challenges of Indian industries in view - space, economics, integration with the existing system and round the clock operation. The company has a strong service history substantiated by the existing clients themselves.
  1. India's first solar boiler for IPH requirements

  2. Easy Integration of solar thermal system with existing boilers

  3. Consistent post delivery O&M services

  4. Only Indian company to have a patented technology in the Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) industry