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Haiyan Dingfeng Fasteners Limited

About Company:

DinBiao is one of Asia`s most advanced high precision fastener manufacturers. The company specializes in the production of high strength fastener while also offering a complete supply solution for all types of industrial fasteners. Dingfeng Fasteners is one of the most professional China Customization Fasteners and Special Part Fasteners Manufacturers, working as a growing company with high technology, Dingfeng can produce high level fastening piece for auto field, also we can supply high quality solutions for wind power generation, rail vehicles,spike dogs,petroleum extraction, engineering vehicle, large mechanical projects. DinBiao strives to be more than just one step ahead. Moreover, we aim to define what is the best practice in the industry in China and Asia as a whole. We see precision, performance and perfection in everything we do as the basic prerequisite for catering to the most demanding clients and industry leaders - worldwide.