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Fujian Ruisen New Materials Co., Ltd.

About Company:

Fujian RuiSen New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Fujian Province, China. RuiSen is the largest manufacturer of RTV Silicon Coating (HVICs) in China, has many years' experience about R&D, manufacture management, and project management. We are the high-tech public company in China that specializes in Research and Development, Design, Manufacture, Sales and Project construction. Our company covers 30,000 square meters with total investment of 30 million RMB. We have Three RTV Silicon coating production lines, Five Silicon Rubber product lines, R & D center, Inspection center, Outdoor test field and Engineering construction simulation teaching field.
  1. High Voltage Insulator Coating Series

  2. Electric Cleaning Agent

  3. Silicone Rubber Insulation Product

  4. Silicone Anticorrosive Coating, Construction Waterproof Coating

  5. Insulator & Electric Series