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Allied Gear Co.

A World Leader In Flexographic Printing Equipment

About Company:

Allied Gear started in 1947 as a manufacturer of gears for the United States Government. In 1963, we started to produce 4" flexographic printing presses called, simply, "Allied" presses. In 1967, we added rotary tooling to our product line. Allied has introduced a number of well-known products throughout the years, including the workhorse line of presses called the Allied Flexo Series and a full line of rotary tooling. Currently, Allied's line of Flexographic presses includes the 300 Series, and 500 Series with press installations worldwide. We also carry the Combat Series from GiDue. In 1992, we began and completed a major plant expansion and modernization that took us from 42,000 square feet to over 76,000 square feet. The increased area has allowed us to produce our equipment efficiently and quickly while improving quality. In addition, we have an extensive spare parts inventory for your press so that, should you need parts, we will have them. In 2000, Allied took on a new look by dropping our rotary tooling product line and focusing on our press lines. With the addition of the Combat Series and new ideas in the works make sure you keep your eye on Allied in the future. We’re positioned to handle your needs now and well into the twenty-first century. Take a look at us now. We think you’ll like the Allied difference.
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