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Electronic Power Design Inc

World-class Electrical Systems Integrator

About Company:

Electronic Power Design is an Electrical Systems Integrator with 20 years of extensive experience in marine drilling, propulsion, power/control systems, mining, petrochemical, steel, paper, plastics, dredging, and solar & winding energy sectors. We provide value-added electrical equipment and services to a variety of industries worldwide with emphasis on total power system integration and automation.
  1. Switchgear (IEC or ANSI/NEMA), Variable Speed Drive Systems, Schneider Okken

  2. Siemens SIVACON, Motor Controls (IEC or ANSI/NEMA), Automation and Control

  3. Motors, Power Factor Correction & Harmonic Filtration

  4. Retrofits, Transformers and Reactors (IEC or ANSI/NEMA)

  5. Renewable Energy System