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About Company:

The founders of Greenbird have extensive experience of systems integration derived from large scale smart metering rollouts in the Nordic countries. What puzzled them was the enormous amount of time and resources going to waste when every utility had to start all the way from scratch when approaching systems integration. In an effort to fight these inefficient, costly, slow and risky processes, Greenbird and Metercloud were born. The founders realized that utilities would benefit from acquiring system integration as a service. Greenbird is growing and expanding globally. We are looking for the brightest people to help us build a leading integration service and partner ecosystem for digital utilities. See if we have an open spot for you and join a growing company accelerating the energy revolution.
  1. Consulting, Integration, SOA, BPM, ESB

  2. Automatic meter reading, AMR, AMI, Smart Metering

  3. Smart Grids, JEE, Middleware, Portal, Enterprise architecture

  4. IT strategy, Masterdata

  5. Java, iPaaS, DevOps, and Data Flows