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Allied Motion

Motion Solutions That Change the Game

About Company:

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. (“Allied Motion” or the “Company”) is a global company that designs, manufactures and sells precision and specialty motion control components and systems used in a broad range of industries. While we serve a very broad base of industries, our primary target markets are the Vehicle, Medical, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics and Industrial markets. Our products and solutions support a wide variety of applications in these markets and include brush and brushless DC motors, brushless servo and torque motors, coreless DC motors, integrated brushless motor-drives, gearmotors, gearing, modular digital servo drives, motion controllers, incremental and absolute optical encoders, and associated motion control-related products.
  1. Low-integral brushless and DC brush motors

  2. Electronic drives and controls for motors

  3. Torque motors

  4. Modular digital servo drives

  5. Gearmotors and Gearing