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Since 1977 DWS have assisted hundreds of companies to effectively process and utilize biogas as a fuel for energy purposes. As biogas processing specialists, we offer the entire range of the custom made technologies and equipment to maximize the profits of our industrial clients coming from biogas utilization. The custom designed, high-standard equipment and biogas processing technologies are made in our workshop in Belgium. Offered equipment includes: - Elevated, Shielded, closed temperature-controlled biogas flares; - Biogas dryers; - Desulfurization units; - Biogas based direct-contact water heaters; - Breather valves, flame arresters, demisters, biogas flow meters - and others. We specialize in biogas burner conversion so you could use 2 or more fuels at once. Applied by DWS solution guarantees maximum biogas usage and uninterrupted operation even at variable biogas ratios.
  1. Flares

  2. Direct-contact heater

  3. Biogas desulfurization

  4. Multi-fuel burner systems

  5. Custom engineering services, Retrofits, Audits