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Founded in 1974 as an affiliate of one of the largest worldwide insurance companies, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, Fortistar began investing in the independent power industry in 1986.  Shortly thereafter Fortistar successfully completed development of the Lockport Project, a 225 MW gas-fired cogeneration plant in Lockport, New York and the Honey Lake Project, a 30 MW biomass- fired project located in Lassen County, California. Fortistar completed, for itself and others, the acquisition of project ownership interests in approximately twenty-five transactions with an aggregate investment of $600 million and a total project cost of $4 billion. Fortistar has also developed several innovative investment programs. Fortistar became private in October 1993 and began focusing on owning independent power projects.  Since then, we continue to build long term, win-win relationships, work with our partners, local communities and stakeholders.
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