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Artic Solar, Inc

Jacksonville, Florida, United States[email protected]+19045134638

About Company:

We create projects using the breakthrough XCPC (External Concentrating Parabolic Collector) patented technology. Our purpose is to see the planet flourish. Benefiting the Environment, providing people with clean water and improving Economies by reducing fossil fuel consumption utilizing solar Air-conditioning, refrigeration and Industrial Process Heat. High Temperature Solar using XCPC Collectors provide enough heat, in a small enough footprint, to be truly practical for Commercial Buildings. But that’s not all! High Temperature Solar has many applications. Learn more by clicking on applications tab above.
  1. Air Conditioning, De-Humidification

  2. Solar Thermal Clean Water Technologies - Distillation, Evaporation & Pasteurization

  3. Solar Industrial Process Heat,

  4. Incorporating Solar For Power Generation