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Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd.

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PowerPal is manufactured to exacting standards in Vietnam under the supervision of Asian Phoenix Resources Ltd., a Canadian corporation. Welcome to our Web Site. Inside you will find our range of small Hydropower Systems that will suit many streams and many power requirements from as low as 200W to as high as 50kW. We realize that PowerPal is often a major investment for our customers, whether it is for a single 200W generator for a farmer in Asia or a larger turbine to supply power to a small remote community settlement. Our aim is to provide reliable and robust solutions that are competitively priced and do what they`re supposed to do - bring you the power where you need it. PowerPal products are now located in over 80 countries worldwide._x000D_
  1. Low Head Micro Hydropower Generator

  2. High Head Hydropower Generator

  3. Micro Hydropower Generator

  4. Turbines