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Sawmills New Zealand Ltd

Mahoe Sawmills & Firewood Processors

About Company:

Mahoe Sawmills has been producing sawmills designed and made by sawmillers. Our sawmills are renowned for their efficiency and usability, these qualities have come about through decades of product development and improvements. Mahoe Sawmills is owned and operated by the Bergman brothers, based in Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand. John Bergman always liked timber, he was always building or making something out of wood. When his younger brother Ben was pig hunting and found an old salvage kauri log, John approached the forestry to buy the logs. John and Ben Bergman started milling the high value salvage kauri in the 1980s in the remote hills of the Bay of Islands. Back then, the brothers travelled 1-2 hours on rough forestry tracks to access the logs with inaccessible logs heli-logged out of the forest. Their first mill was a light, custom built twin with a VW motor, inserted tooth blades and maximum 12” x 8” cut.
  1. Mahoe Supermill

  2. Mahoe Minimax

  3. Firewood Processor — Whoppa Choppa / Slicer Dicer

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