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Bagela Baumaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

Quality to build on

Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany[email protected]+490419199330

About Company:

Bagela is a family-owned company with a highly efficient structure which enables our employees to make the very most of their skills. Benefit from our wealth of experience, engineering ingenuity and high-quality `Made in Germany` products. The combination of the German professional training system, experienced employees and flexible management has engendered a highly innovation-focused mindset which is reflected in our range of products. While our innovative focus produces superb technology – which in many cases leaves its competitors far behind – our customer orientation guarantees proximity, short delivery periods and a commitment to meeting your unique requirements.
  1. Winches, Trailers

  2. Pipe and cable pushers, Asphalt recyclers

  3. Blow-in systems for cables and micro tubes, Cable Rewinding Unit

  4. Cable extraction and cutting devices

  5. Accessories