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ZEG Power AS

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ZEG Power AS is a technology development company established in 2008 as a Joint Venture between the two Norwegian research institutes Institute for Energy Technology (IFE, Kjeller) and Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR; Bergen). The fuel cells (SOFC) produce electricity and high temperature waste heat. The waste heat is used to produce hydrogen in a modified reforming reaction where a solid (CaO – calcium oxide) is added, that captures CO2 as an integrated part of the process. The main objective of the company is to design, build and industrialize the patented ZEG-technology for co-production of electrical power and hydrogen from hydrocarbon gases with integrated CO2 capture.
  1. Green transport

  2. Renewable energy

  3. The ZEG technology

  4. The BioZEG concept

  5. Highly Efficient Production of Hydrogen