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Dascan Groundheat Energy Services Ltd

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Dascan Ground Heat Energy services ltd is one of the Pioneers of Geothermal energy solutions in Canada. Dascan Ground heat provides the design, installation and maintenance of natural energy systems that harness geothermal and solar energy. Our team of engineering experts and field service providers are dedicated to constructing and implementing the most efficient, Eco friendly and cost-effective heating and cooling systems to date. We serve mechanical consultants, contractors and other clients in the field of natural and renewable energy. Among Other interesting projects, we have just finished the largest geothermal district energy in Rome, which includes 22 low rise buildings (approx 1000 apartments ) powered by a 10,000 Sq feet central plant. Since our establishment, we have completed major projects in Canada, USA, Italy, Poland and South Korea for some major companies such as IKEA Italy.
  1. Residential

  2. Commercial

  3. Institutional

  4. Loop Field –liquid heat exchange medium & UTES

  5. Heat Pump Station and Distribution System (Ductwork)