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Bowman Power Group designs and manufactures energy efficiency technology for gas and diesel gensets in the 200kW to 2MW range, and is also suitable for larger engines with a waste gate. Our proven and reliable Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology delivers a step change in the efficiency of gas and diesel-fuelled reciprocating engines, by recovering waste heat energy from the engine exhaust, and converting it to free, useful power. The ETC system enables genset end-users to maintain the same power output using less fuel and producing fewer CO2 emissions, or to produce additional power with improved fuel efficiency. The system is used by engine and generator set (genset) OEMs, power rental providers and independent power producers (IPPs), to increase competitive advantage and add value to genset end-users.
  1. Exhaust Energy Recovery, Waste Heat Recovery

  2. Electric Turbocompounding, Waste to Energy

  3. Power Electronics

  4. ETC Technology

  5. High Speed Machines