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American Gear & Engineering

About Company:

American Gear & Engineering, Inc. was started in 1985 and over the years has developed an outstanding reputation with over sixty (60) years of gear cutting experience behind it. We offer specialties in gear manufacturing of all types. We have vast experience in such problem areas as: Gear Wear Gear or Rack replacement Manufacturing new replacements parts from worn-out samples Another specialty of American Gear is the ability to manufacture machine repair parts from samples, regardless of the condition of the sample. We will re-engineer the part, and keep a drawing on file for any future needs that may arise. We also offer over-night service for the repair or replacement of critical parts. In many instances, this ability to offer overnight service has saved thousands of dollars for our customers when the broken gear is from a production machine.
  1. Gear Wear

  2. Gear or Rack replacement

  3. Manufacturing new replacements parts from worn-out samples

  4. Machine repair parts from sample