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Bur Oak Resources Inc.

Powering you into the future for a greener tomorrow

About Company:

Bur Oak Resources Inc. has the experience and Capabilities qualifying Bur Oak to perform the Construction of and annual Operations and Maintenance of Ground and Rooftop Mounted Solar Photo-voltaic generation sites. Our experience includes Micro-Grid/Smart-Grid, Off-Grid, Backup Power, and Grid-Tie generation sites. In addition to power generation, we have experience with various power storage technologies and solutions. Contact us to see how we can hep you solve your energy needs. In addition we have experience with EV charging solutions and EV solar charging solutions.
  1. Solar & Wind

  2. Micro-Hydro

  3. BioFuel Devices

  4. Generators

  5. Energy Star Steel Roofing, LED Outdoor Lighting, EV Charger