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O.S.K. Çavuşyan Valve Industry LTD

Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey🇹🇷

In 1948, our company was established by Kirkor and Sebuh Cavusyan and began producing valves and taps used in the houses. Our company started to produce gas and marine valves in 1950 and since 1995 we are manufacturing valves resistant to transformer oil. As well as our high quality service and reliable standards, OSK is always loyal to the delivery deadlines. Our company is recognized as a respected brand and istitution due to our perfection targeted labour. OSK has committed himself to honest work for over 62 years and has always observed international standards in the industry. According to today's demands and developments, OSK is finding new and bold solutions as well as bearing full responsibility of his productions after the production. Our institution which still maintains the tradition of being a family-ran company, is working up to provide higher quality to customers.Today we are still faithful to these values which are very the reasons why you prefered our brand during 60 years of our history.

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