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Borealis Wood Power Corp.

Renewable, Reliable Combined Heat & Power

About Company:

Borealis Wood Power offers a renewable & affordable combined heat and power (CHP) system using wood chips. The `Wood Power Plant` operates on the principle of gasification, with the input being dry wood chips and the output of wood gas. The wood gas feeds the CHP unit, producing electrical and thermal power. The plant consists of a gasification unit that processes wood chips to produce the wood gas and a CHP unit that generates the electrical and thermal power. The plant operates on a carbon neutral basis. Our power generating engine produces 45kWh of electrical power and 100kW of thermal power for user consumption or to be fed to a public supply network.
  1. Heat & Power

  2. Wood Chip Drying and Handling

  3. Combined Heat and power (CHP) System Using Wood Chips

  4. Integrated Energy System

  5. Gasification Unit