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About Company:

Hanover Solar is leading solar cell technologies. Our headquarter is located in Hanover, Germany and is responsible for managing all global branch companies, as well as the sales and warehousing of German local market. Our manufacture has a combined annual capacity of 300mw for solar modules and cells. We have the best lab in our headquarters, with the professional team of engineers from Germany. We are using the advanced technology, automatic ABB production equipment, as well as a scientific and strict Germany management mode. Hanover Solar modules are widely used in commercial and residential projects in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. It allows end-users to fully appreciate the high quality of German products at an affordable price.
  1. Mono Ultra Black

  2. Half Cell Panels

  3. Mono Crystalline & Poly Crystalline

  4. Glass Glass

  5. BIPV and Customized