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The idea of the new wind power plant emerged as a result of researches of the air flow vortex concentrator invented by myself (International application for invention PCT/IB2017/054185 from July 12, 2017 priority date June 20, 2017, under patent RU 2655422 C1 registered and published on May 28, 2018). The formula of the invention contains only two essential features and provides broad legal protection. The technical result is achieved due to the curvature of the surfaces and the relative position of the wind directing elements. The coefficient of wind energy use determined during these studies, at certain ratios of the height of the vortex concentrator to the diameter of its working zone, achieved up to 50%. At the same time the wind directing elements of the tested models of the vortex concentrator and turbine blades did not have an aerodynamic profile, and the geometry of the turbine blades was not quite ideal.
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