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The future is solar: photovoltaics is playing a crucial role on the path to renewable energy. In Germany, solar plants of different sizes are already supplying around four million homes with clean energy – and this number is rising. The opportunities to participate in the expansion of this technology are manifold: those who own lands and roofs receive lease payments; investors have access to a high-return and low-risk financial investment; local communities benefit from increased business taxes. Assuming of course, the project is implemented by an experienced team.Reliable, professional, responsible, solid – these are the values that Soventix GmbH relies on to ensure that all partners enjoy the success of the project in equal shares. Soventix designs, builds and operates high-quality solar power systems all over the world, with an unrivalled price/performance ratio.
  1. Project Development, EPC

  2. PV Project Financing

  3. Operation & Maintenance

  4. Manufacturer of Solar Modules (Canada)

  5. Wholesale of PV Components