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Changzhou Almaden Co. Ltd

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Almaden has a business philosophy – Innovation, quality, integrity and ethics are the cornerstone. With such philosophy in mind, Almaden entered the photovoltaic industry in 2006. Since then, we were committed to be an innovative solar product provider who can always offer the customers the most value added products with premium quality. With a strong focus on photovoltaic new material development, Almaden has successfully developed our own anti-reflective coated (ARC) solar glass and has become the world largest ARC solar glass provider. We take great pride in our 100M Sqm. sales record of our ARC solar glass. In the mean time we realized a sustainable solar industry can only survive and thrive with a continuous innovative solar technology development. Therefore, in 2012, Almaden launched pioneering ultrathin frameless PV module which presents a flawless integration of simplicity, reliability and durability. We believe a new era is drawing upon the photovoltaic industry.
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