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Trifactor Technical Sales and Services Limited

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About Company:

Trifactor Technical Sales and Services Limited is a sales and services company originally established to provide products and services that support the maintenance and construction activities of customers in the petrochemical, refining, steel, oil and gas, commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors. The company is now committed also to the sale, distribution and installation of renewable powered systems, ranging from irrigation and drinking water systems, to swimming pool pumps, hybrid air conditioning units, portable solar water purification systems, wind turbines and more. Our people have over twenty-two (22) years of experience in the sales and services business in Trinidad. Installation services for all of our products therefore come with reliable assurance that your needs are met and expectations exceeded.
  1. Solar Pumps, Solar PV Generators, Solar Air Conditioners

  2. Solar Water Heaters, Solar & LED Lights, Solar water makers (RO, Ultrafiltration)

  3. Pumps, Generators, Heat Exchangers

  4. Spring Hangers, Motors, Starters, Tank Domes and IFR

  5. Water and Wastewater Equipment, SWRO Equipment