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Karbone, Inc.

Finance Specialists for the New Energy Economy

New York, New York, United States
http://karbone.com/[email protected]+16462912900

About Company:

Karbone is a full service firm specializing in Renewable Energy and Environmental Markets. Based out of offices in New York and London, the firm offers a unique combination of Brokerage, Capital Advisory, and Research and Consulting services. Our clients include large-scale energy companies, utilities, project developers, and financial firms. Our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary intelligence, capital, and access to markets to help them succeed in the New Energy Economy.
  1. Energy & Environmental Commodity Brokerage, Renewable Energy Capital Advisory

  2. Renewable Energy & Environmental Markets Research, Renewable Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory

  3. Oil & Gas Commodities Brokerage, Power Commodities Brokerage

  4. Solar, Wind Energy, Energy Supply and Demand Analytics

  5. Tax Equity, RECs, Financial Modeling , Investment Banking