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Alcon A/S has 37 years of experience in production, sales and development of straw-fired furnaces, boilers, storage tanks, expansion tanks and chimneys. In 1978 penetrated engineer Svend Bisgaard Kristensen to try something new. He bought an ailing blacksmith shop, and since the energy crisis also hit the world, it was obvious to enter the market for alternative energy sources, where there was a huge potential for development. Under the name Skelhøje Machine delivered Svend and his kompagnonger a variety of plants. In 1996 founded Svend a new company under the name Alcon A/S, which today projects and supplies computer-controlled scale boiler with the best efficiency of the entire 87.5%. The same high ambitions for efficiency and economy behind the construction of the small boilers, which completes the product catalog by Alcon A/S.
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