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AlgEternal Technologies, LLC

Harnessing The Planet's Primary Producers

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We get microalgae to do what they`ve been doing for over 2.5 billion years, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social and economic benefits for humankind. We are a vertically-integrated producer of non-fuel high value products from microalgae; what does this really mean?. We take microalgae, better known as pond scum, the stuff that mucks up your pool when the chlorine runs out, and we make valuable products from them. We select the right strain, cultivate them in the lab, grow at commercial scale in our patented Photobioreactor (PBR), harvest the biomass, extract high value products, and market and sell these products. Ever heard of Astaxanthin, Omega Oils, DHA, EPA, Carrageenan, Agar, Spirulina or Chlorella?.
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