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Effenco Inc.

Electric hybrid technology

About Company:

Effenco was founded in 2006 by three ambitious engineers committed to bringing energy efficiency to vocational heavy vehicles, the transportation sector’s least efficient segment. Central to the design process was the collection of data from vehicles on which Effenco’s initial hybrid systems were deployed as well as hundreds of other candidate vehicles. Data centric design led the company to develop its flagship Effenco Stop-Start architecture designed to save fuel by maximizing the time a vehicle’s engine is turned off when it is immobile. Effenco’s Active Stop-StartTM technology is an electric system designed to shut down the engine of vocational trucks when they are stationary and to provide electric power to the vehicle equipment, cab and chassis accessories including the HVAC system.
  1. Electric hybrid starter-generator

  2. Supercapacitor

  3. Electric PTO