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About Company:

A company with a notable history. 1960 Anton Schwarz applied for his first patent. At this time Olymp was founded. In a small garage the young engeneer worked on energy-saving burners in a decade where `saving the ecology` was luxury. After the energy-shock in 1973 Olymp developed variators for low-temperatur use. In 1977 the next big concept of the company changed the heating-market. The Viscostat-oil-preheater was a big development which is also today`s standart.From 1973 on the head office of Olymp is located in Ötztal-Bahnhof in Tirol. Today Olymp is a company with customers in whole Europe. Variators, oil-, gasand biomass-fired boilers, burners, solarsystems, heat pumps and all sorts of regulations are only a part of Olymp`s assortment.
  1. Radiators

  2. Heat Centre

  3. HC Pressurisation Automat

  4. Solar