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Westcome Heat Exchangers AS

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As of May 2014, Eurotec Biomass A/S renamed the company to Westcome Heat Exchangers A/S. The new company name reflects our sole business focus on our key product, the patented Westcome Heat Exchanger. Since 2006, this design has been tested in key installations in primarily Denmark with outstanding results under normal working conditions. With the newest design, optimized according to working experience,and designed for even better performance and less installation space requirements, we are ready to focus solely on this unique product. Westcome Heat Exchangers is an innovative, Danish company, working internationally.
  1. Heat exchanger, Sludge heat exchanger

  2. High viscosity heat exchanger, Fully welded heat exchanger

  3. Customizeable heat exchanger, Maintenance free heat exchanger

  4. Slurry heat exchanger, Stainless heat exchanger

  5. Heat exchanger biomass